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Our Mission
SSADC at YorkU, which stands for Student Support Application Development Council at YorkU, is a council led and organized by students of York University with the goal of developing applications and media for helping the student body.
We provide mutual support and shared resources to all students who want to add a new project to the union, contribute to projects, or help in improving the community.
We also serve as a simulated work environment for junior year students to contribute to projects and gain hands-on experience which is valuable for their future ventures into the workplace.
Projects & Services
Currently our project catalog includes the following websites:

A site aiming to help student visualize prerequisite relations between courses, it can also serve as an alternative to the school's official course website for its easy usage. Maintained by @deep fried pancakes.

Study Buddies
A site aimed to connect student to groupchats of their courses. It is a database hosting the invite links to group chats for each course uploaded by students. Created by @foobarbaz, currently maintained by @isaackogan.

Empty Rooms
A site for checking usage schedule of classrooms in York campuses and finding vacant rooms to use, useful for students, professors, and administrative staff alike. Maintained by @deep fried pancakes.

RateMyProf Extension
A web browser extension for quickly adding RateMyProfessors data to the YorkU course portal. Maintained by @oreo.

Class Finder
A site for student to put in the course section and find the route to its building. Maintained by @fallen.

SSADC wiki
A wiki archiving many information about our community that would otherwise be lost or disorganized. Members of the community are also free to add their bios here.

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Support Us
If you want to, you can send us monetary donation through these platforms:

Or, you can spread the word on social media platforms such as Reddit, Discord, Linkedin, etc.
The more well known we are, the more likely we can get official funding from our school!